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In 1976 our school, and maybe all of America, went Bicentennial Crazy.  Bicentennial celebrations covered the calendar for the entire year. And, that was the year that my grandma Green volunteered to make me a Betsy Ross costume for the … Continue reading

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Ho Ho Hell

I’m told that my great, great grandmother used to tell her kids that it’s important to celebrate life, so it doesn’t just pass you by.  Her children believed her, and celebrated EVERYTHING, right down to the change of season.  Then, … Continue reading

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I seem to have taken a summer vacation from church.  It wasn’t intentional at all.  Or maybe it was.  Lately, something about church has made me feel so… useless. Because I am female, my possible job openings, as far as … Continue reading

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A Christmas Story

My mother doesn’t cry.  No tears of joy or sadness.  Okay, sometimes her eyes leak when she’s laughing really hard, and we see that pretty often, but other emotions are left to themselves.  Overall, I have witnessed her in tears … Continue reading

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Little kids love me.  Little kids and little animals…could be my perfume. Generally, I keep a respectful distance from animals I don’t know, and hope they’ll afford me the same courtesy. Same with small children, but often, it’s no use. … Continue reading

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Everything I needed to know about being a woman, I learned from my father

Dawn, Merilou and I went to lunch the other day.  We are of different ethnic backgrounds, political inclinations and varied marital statuses.  But we are all, finally, grown up versions of the women our dads spent their lives making sure … Continue reading

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What is it like to be you?

My little girl and I were rocking in the porch swing and she asked me, “Know what I’m thinking about, Mommy?” “No, What?” “What is it like to be you.” “Huh.” “So, what is it like to be you?” I … Continue reading

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