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Michelle is a writer from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She has a fear of clowns and pecans, and works every day to listen at least twice as much as she talks.

Ho Ho Hell

I’m told that my great, great grandmother used to tell her kids that it’s important to celebrate life, so it doesn’t just pass you by.  Her children believed her, and celebrated EVERYTHING, right down to the change of season.  Then, … Continue reading

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It’s Not God

I don’t want to write about race. But it’s all I talk about these days with anyone, including God.  I’m beginning to bore myself. I once told a friend that God and I were on the outs at the moment.  … Continue reading

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The Bitch Is Back

My bitch came back over one simple word.  Adoption. I took my dog to a dog park where a lady, let’s call her “Redjacket” asked me when I’d adopted my dog, seeing as how we were kind of new to … Continue reading

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September 11th

I used to walk to work in the days before September 11, 2001; to clear my head and stretch my legs before sitting in a cubicle for hours.  I walked on that day, too.  First thing, as always, I checked … Continue reading

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New Friends

We love road trips over here.  It’s partly because we can see the sights at our own pace and partly because we get to spend long periods of time with one another and talk.  Besides, when we get there we have … Continue reading

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I seem to have taken a summer vacation from church.  It wasn’t intentional at all.  Or maybe it was.  Lately, something about church has made me feel so… useless. Because I am female, my possible job openings, as far as … Continue reading

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This Is The Part Where I Lose My Sh*t

My car ran out of gas yesterday. I was in it, with a wallet stocked with cash and cards, and still, I sat at the bottom of an off ramp. Honking traffic was backing up behind me, one block from an actual gas station. Continue reading

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