I had a thought on Mardi Gras day this year, and it was this:  What if I spent the next forty days listening to God?  Instead of the usual hung over promises of self denial, and abandonment of bad habits that I would pick right up again on Easter Sunday, what if I were to practice my obedience, my willingness to be close to the Holy in a radical way? There was no question that I believed in God, and often experienced the presence of God as a quiet voice at my center.  However, I usually spent a lot of time ignoring my gut, and going along with what is popular or agreed upon.  Could I surrender for forty days?

I have, and the results have been incredible.  Most noticeably I am:

  • Calmer.  Once the queen of multitasking, I now often do one thing at a time, for hours at a time.
  • Spending my time in ways that improve the quality of my life, or in service to my community.
  • Thinking before I speak.  Even more significantly, once I have thought something over, I actually voice that perspective to others.
  • Paying very close attention to my life.  That includes my relationships, my environment, and where I place my energies every day.

These are my stories.

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