It’s Lent again. This blog began with an Ash Wednesday commitment last year. My plan was to listen to and obey God, whether I liked it or not . It has worked. I am better at everything now – despite the fact that I’ve had to make some tough decisions and stand by them. Taking a stand to let go has proved to be the toughest commitment of my life.

I expected that my days would be full of Art, and Life and the enjoyment of the simple pleasures because, after all, a thoroughly lived life is Art. I was right, and I am grateful.

Last words before it broke:  "That's so cute!  Make one for me!"

Last words before it broke: “That’s so cute! Make one for me!”

The part I didn’t plan for were The Scribblers.

They’re just like those pests from preschool who wait until your artwork is nearly complete, and ready for a proud spot on the refrigerator, to pounce. They lie in wait, arrive to appraise your progress, and scribble all over the thing. I used to push them, until the day I pushed a little Scribbler into his own easel, which made it fall, which made him cry, which got me in big trouble – and nobody cared that my picture was ruined, only that the Scribbler had a fat lip and I was standing over him telling him THAT is the reason why he shouldn’t scribble over my work. But I digress.

My artwork is now my life; and The Scribblers still arrive with their own agendas in their hand, instead of a paintbrush of another color. They barely pause to see where I’ve left off before they start adding their own ideas, sometimes even leaving the room with my “artwork”, if they can sneak away before I notice them. They go right ahead with their new solo project, my darling canvas, which will never be the same.

Guys like this are everywhere
Some Scribblers just can’t stand to see you in your creative zone. Some just get a little disturbed when they see that contented smile of creation on your face. But most, I’m learning now that I’m not pushing, pick up on the light you’re giving off, and want some of their own. We glow when we create, you know, and Scribblers simply cannot prevent themselves from being drawn into your light.

It can happen to anyone, but those who are most susceptible to becoming a Scribbler are those who are disconnected from their own inner light. And I’d argue they didn’t see their act of sabotage coming any more than you did.

Until the moment they believe in their version of the “Little Light Of Mine” they’ll be destined to scribble desperate bids for attention and affirmation. They’ll try to put out your light, and mine, thinking that by controlling others, they’re making their light shine.

The antidote?


He hates on your project, and tells you at admirable length- not to mention everyone else that he knows. Horrors!

Forgive him.

I know. I’m not so good at it either, but I’ve learned over the past year that it’ll serve as a Universal eraser. Forgiveness is the only correction that matters when we deal in matters of the spirit.

And, your light is for you. No matter how many Scribblers come by, it was meant to shine, and it will.

Every chance she gets, she decorates her life this way.  Might be a phase, might be her light shining.

Every chance she gets, she decorates her life this way. She might be pulling a Mike Tyson, or it might just be her light shining… I’ll let you know.

Thanks, amen.

About thanks amen

Michelle is an artist from Milwaukee, Wisconsin whose professional experience spans working as an educator, nonprofit executive, and consultant. She has a fear of clowns and pecans, and works every day to listen at least twice as much as she talks.
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3 Responses to Scribblers

  1. Eunice Lockhart-Moss says:

    Love It! There is a saying that the elephants won’t get you but the bugs can make your life miserable. E

  2. Frankie Green says:

    Yea! She’s Back. I have been missing you.

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