Riding Lessons

I just celebrated a birthday, and asked God for some guidance on the last day of a mini-vacation.  No tablets or burning bushes would be necessary; I just wanted a little something to kick off my next trip around the sun.  I took off along Geneva Lake Shore Path, hiking, and talking about the coming year with my husband. 

Lake Geneva at sunset


As we got to the top of a hill I noticed it, a small, worn, metal sign poking out of the grass along the path, which read:

You Can Trust Me.




How about that…  I laughed aloud when I read it, feeling like a confirmation would be coming soon.  All I knew was that we needed to get home, to teach the five-year old to ride her bike.  Well, he was going to teach her.  I was going to the hammock to read a book, and keep enjoying the rest of the weekend, the slow motion way.

I could hear him from where I reclined, telling her basic rules:

  • Where you look is where you’ll go.  Don’t look at the ground unless you want to fall.
  • Find your center.  If the bike is leaning over too much , shift your weight the other way.
  • Keep pedaling!

He kept calling out these instructions to her as he pushed her around and around, and she talked to him the whole time, too.  I could hear her smaller voice saying, “No, no.  I’m going into the bushes/rock garden/garbage cans/Mommy’s car!” 

Crash.  Down she would go, laughing and grousing at the same time.

Getting back at it.


I put down my book to go see for myself.  She was sweating and puffing, and sometimes falling, but every time her dad went over to give her a hand up from a wipeout, she’d say, “I’m alright…” Then she’d take the hand, and climb back on her bike.

Then there came a moment when she changed her language.  Instead of predicting the next crash, she started saying, “Where you look is where you’ll go.  Find your center.  Keep pedaling!”

She barely noticed when her father stopped holding her, except to start yelling, “I’ve got it!  I’ve got it!”

 And, when she got it, I did too.  I need to continue to trust God, and every little thing’ll come to me…Whatever the hot topic of the moment is. Predictions of catastrophe will not help.  Anticipating, and planning my moves or countermeasures ahead of time is only wasting it.

And so goes my hymn for this year;

1)    I can trust God,

2)    Where I look is where I’ll go,

3)    Find my center, and

4)    keep pedaling


Thanks, Amen.

About thanks amen

Michelle is an artist from Milwaukee, Wisconsin whose professional experience spans working as an educator, nonprofit executive, and consultant. She has a fear of clowns and pecans, and works every day to listen at least twice as much as she talks.
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5 Responses to Riding Lessons

  1. Reading your posts is very inspirational, they enhance the joy of my day. Keep writing and posting. Rev. E

  2. thanks amen says:

    I’m so glad… Thanks for reading!

  3. Eunice Lockhart-Moss says:

    Thanks. Deep! Loved it. Eunice

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